Mission Statement

To provide a rich array of art experiences to the community, in order to educate, enlighten, enrich and entertain the citizens and patrons of all ages, while supporting and nourishing the arts in the local, and surrounding communities.

About Us

The Jenison Center for the Arts is a dream come true for the students and staff of Jenison Public Schools and the Jenison community. We are immensely proud of our students and the work, discipline and growth they have demonstrated time and time again. It became increasingly evident, however, that the JPS students and surrounding community needed a facility that was uniquely designed to showcase the Performing and Visual Arts.

The JCA has been constructed with a 1251 seat performance hall with a 90’ wide and 56’ deep stage that accommodates virtually any large-scale music or theatrical performance. In addition, there is a Black Box venue for smaller intimate  performances, meetings and receptions.

Our one-of-a-kind concert hall can be transformed into a fully functional theater space. Designed by URS and Jones & Phillips, the transformation is accomplished by raising the orchestra shell; sliding on 8 30’ tormentor doors and lowering the center cloud section to create a smaller proscenium arch.

The acoustics are so fine tuned that you can hold a conversation from the stage to the top balcony without raising your voice. Acoustics are adjustable using a curtain system located at the back of the house, making the space equally usable for bands, orchestras and choirs.

Paintings, drawings, sculptures and other student artwork are displayed along the curved hallway outside the main performance hall, visible by entering patrons as well as passing motorists.

Rich Vander Klok
Rich Vander Klok
21:58 26 Feb 17
A great facility to see a concert or a play. Wonderful acoustics.
Jaime Vorenkamp
Jaime Vorenkamp
10:14 01 Jan 17
Beautiful facility, a much needed addition to the district. Just not sure if it's to extravagant for Jenison.
Robert J. Woldhuis
Robert J. Woldhuis
10:36 17 Jun 16
I came here with my girlfriend to watch her kids perform in their Christmas Pageant. Was my first time here and I was impressed with the construction of the facility. We had seats kind of in the middle of the lower section and you're able to see everything very clearly and enjoyed ourselves. This is a very nice facility for the kids from Jenison to perform in
mike odonnell
mike odonnell
14:33 06 Jan 17
Amazing facility. Great place for any live performance.
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